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Quality Assurance of the Future

With Zimplicit, you can enhance your productivity and efficiency while minimizing the time invested.


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Common Challanges in Quality Assurance

Quality assurance faces challenges like maintaining standards, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder expectations. Resource allocation, training, clear metrics, and collaboration are key. Adapting to tech advancements and industry practices is crucial. Effective communication and transparency are essential for stakeholder trust. Successful quality assurance relies on robust processes, skilled personnel, and continuous improvement.

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Powerfull Workflow Optimization Tool

Our user-friendly Process Modelling module optimizes workflows by leveraging our innovative data model to continuously enhance efficiency and facilitate seamless adaptation to changing business needs.

Your Companion SAM

Introducing SAM, your trusty Companion that seamlessly integrates into your daily workflow as a convenient sidebar plug-in for Chrome and Edge. With SAM by your side, you'll have quick access to a plethora of activities, step-by-step instructions, engaging exercises, and important tasks right at your fingertips. Stay organized and efficient as SAM guides you through your day with ease.

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Easy-to-use Project Management Tool

Enhance your project planning efficiency with our user-friendly Project Management tool. Visualize all your tasks on a Kanban board for a clear and organized view, and let SAM seamlessly integrate your relevant tasks into your daily workflow. Take charge of your projects like never before!

Send relevant information to users

Effortlessly create and distribute personalized content directly to users as they navigate through their daily tasks, all thanks to SAM. No more drowning in a sea of mass-emails or sifting through generic intranet information. With Zimplicit, say hello to a streamlined and tailored information experience that meets your users right where they are.

Computer Notifications

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