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Welcome to the Future of Change Management Tools

We bring you the Change Management Software that enable, in an inclusive way, your work with change and continuous improvements through out your Business Lifecycle.


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Frustrated over your Organizational Change?

You are not alone, most change initiatives fails to reach the wanted utcomes

Studies show that most (between 75-80%) of change initiatives fail. The biggest challange with driving change is knowing who will be affected, how they will be affected, be able to communicate relevant information and make sure you reach your intended audience. Well, now there is a solution.

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The future of Change Management Tools

Zimplicit is revolutionizing the way change is driven and continuous improvements are made. Assess, execute, communicate, and measure change effortlessly with our innovative solution.

Achieve success in your Organizational Change Management

Use Zimplicit to drive change more efficiently. 

By mapping out your current processes and defining your future processes Zimplicit will give you a Change Impact Assessment visualizing who will be affected by the change at hand and in what way.

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Controll and measure your Change Communication

Communicate the right thing at the right time to the right people. 

Send notifications to chosen users and measure the reach in real time. Create learning paths and modules, asigning them to the right users who will be able to access them seamlessly in their workflow. Allready have an LMS system, don't worry - Zimplicit have open API's to enable integrations.

Zimplicit is based on Change Management Frameworks

Zimplicit covers all the essential parts of established Change Management Frameworks

Zimplicit follows established change management frameworks to spread awareness and involve people in the change process. It helps distribute training and provides instructions in the users' workflow for self-training to boost knowledge and ability. Having all information accessible in the workflow reinforces the change.

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Ready to experience Zimplicit
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