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Welcome to the Future of Business Lifecycle Management

Introducing the groundbreaking software that revolutionizes the way you manage your business throughout its entire lifecycle. With our innovative tool, you can ensure that every aspect of your business is perfectly aligned and optimized for success. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a streamlined, seamless operation like never before. Welcome to the future of business lifecycle management.


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The Future of Change Management Tools

Experience a new era of change management with Zimplicit. Our cutting-edge solution streamlines the process of assessing, executing, communicating, and measuring change, making it easier than ever to drive continuous improvements within your organization. Say goodbye to cumbersome tools and hello to effortless transformation with Zimplicit by your side.

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Process Modeling

Powerfull Workflow Optimization Tool

Our user-friendly Process Modelling module is designed to streamline and enhance workflows by leveraging our innovative data model. Through continuous improvements driven by our cutting-edge technology, businesses can adapt to change more effectively and stay ahead of the curve.

Your Companion SAM

Introducing SAM, your faithful Companion that seamlessly integrates with your daily workflow as a convenient sidebar plug-in for Chrome and Edge. SAM is here to assist you by providing easy access to activities, detailed instructions, engaging exercises, and important tasks right at your fingertips. Say hello to a more organized and efficient workday with SAM by your side!

Computer Learning Path

Create and Distribute Change Training & Exercises

Utilize our user-friendly training module to effectively implement change training programs and engaging exercises. Develop customized Learning Paths & Modules within Zimplicit or seamlessly integrate with your existing LMS system to leverage the full potential of SAM.

Easy-to-use Project Management Tool

Maximize your productivity and efficiency by harnessing the power of our Project Management module. With a visual Kanban-board layout, you can easily track and organize your tasks, priorities, and deadlines. Let SAM seamlessly integrate your relevant tasks into your daily workflow, making sure you stay on top of your projects and meet your goals effectively. Take the stress out of planning and let our tool streamline your project management process.

Project Management Tool
Create Test Cases

Create Test Cases linked to your process

Utilize Zimplicit's robust data model to create comprehensive test cases that align with your specific process requirements. Validate your development work by running these test cases against the intended process, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. Take advantage of Zimplicit's advanced capabilities to thoroughly test and verify the successful completion of the task at hand.

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