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Zimplicit was born out of frustration

Frustration over that no matter how well designed and customized a system, application or process is in the development phase of a project, the organization very seldom can ripe the benefits of intended productivity and efficiency gains. Something happens in the no-mans-land between development and implementation...




What was intended to do good for business and people...

...often ends up in creating inefficiencies and stress as well as budget- and time constraints.
The team behind Zimpicit have all been working with change management and system- and application development in large organizations for over 15 years. When seeking common denominators of what could have been done differently to make each and every project more successful – achieve desired outcomes and keep employees engaged there is one thing that sticks out: The need of clear step-by-step guidance through the change path for each and every team member; the need for an application transforming a process into targeted paths. Change paths – but also paths leading to continuous improvements. A tool responding to the human need of clarity and guidance.
Therefore, we have made an application simplifying and breaking down process changes into individual change paths. Responding to the human need of personalization while striving for the bigger whole of the organization. This is how Zimpicit empowers organisations to collectively embrace change and continuous improvements in an ever-changing world.

Zimplicit. Enables organizations to achieve desired outcomes by empowering employees to make it happen.

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