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Manage your IT Operations 

Zimplicit empowers you to seamlessly gather and translate business requirements into user-stories, bridging the gap between the business and IT. With the ability to structure and prioritize tasks effectively, you can stay connected to your processes at all times, ensuring seamless operations and efficient workflow management.


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Common Challanges as an IT Manager

Ensuring that IT initiatives are in line with overall business objectives, evaluating the impacts of upgrades and change requests on operations, handling technical debt, and enhancing user support processes all pose significant challenges. Through proactive strategic planning and clear communication, IT managers can guide their teams towards triumph in a constantly changing technological environment.

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The Future of Change Management Tools

Experience a new era in change management with Zimplicit. Our cutting-edge solution streamlines the entire process, from assessing the need for change to seamlessly executing it, effectively communicating updates, and measuring the impact. Embrace effortless transformation and drive continuous improvements with ease using our innovative tools.

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Powerfull Workflow Optimization Tool

Our user-friendly Process Modelling module revolutionizes workflow optimization by harnessing the power of our innovative data model. This cutting-edge tool not only drives continuous improvements but also empowers businesses to embrace change and stay ahead of the competition.

Your Companion SAM

Introducing SAM, your trusty Companion that seamlessly integrates into your daily workflow as a convenient sidebar plug-in for Chrome and Edge. With SAM by your side, you'll have easy access to a wide array of activities, instructions, exercises, and tasks right at your fingertips. Stay organized, focused, and efficient with SAM guiding you every step of the way.

Computer Learning Path

Create and Distribute Change Training

Utilize our user-friendly training module to facilitate change training and interactive exercises. Design customized Learning Paths & Modules within Zimplicit or seamlessly integrate with your existing LMS-system to harness the full potential of SAM's capabilities. 

Easy-to-use Project Management Tool

Transform the way you manage your projects with our intuitive Project Management module. By utilizing our Kanban-board feature, you'll have a birds-eye view of all your tasks and projects, allowing you to stay organized and on track. Let SAM streamline your workflow by highlighting the tasks that matter most to you, making it easier than ever to prioritize and accomplish your goals. With our easy-to-use tool, planning and executing projects has never been more efficient.

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Computer Notifications

Send relevant information to users

Easily personalize and deliver relevant information directly to users as they navigate through their daily tasks, all thanks to SAM. No more flooding inboxes with generic mass-emails or searching through cluttered intranet pages for the right information. Embrace Zimplicit and say hello to a seamless and efficient way of communicating important updates and messages to your team.

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