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Use our powerfull Process Modelling Tool

Leverage our robust Process Modeling Tool to visually map out and define your processes with precision. Within our cutting-edge data model, all processes and their intricate components are securely stored, empowering them to fuel continuous improvements and facilitate seamless transformations.


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Powerfull Workflow Optimization Tool

Our user-friendly Process Modelling module is designed to streamline and enhance workflows by leveraging our innovative data model. Through continuous improvements driven by our cutting-edge technology, businesses can adapt to change more effectively and stay ahead of the curve.

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Define your processes 

Zimplicit offers a user-friendly and straightforward approach to kickstart the process of mapping out your workflows and connecting them to user instructions, establishing objectives, defining regulations, and measuring success metrics. What sets Zimplicit apart from other tools is its secure storage of your processes within our data model, ensuring smooth integration throughout the entire solution.

Continuous Change at your Fingertips

With Zimplicit's cutting-edge data-saving approach, you have the power to seamlessly track and predict the effects of any changes on your operations, team, infrastructure, and beyond. Dive into the intricate details of your modifications with ease, thanks to our version control feature that lets you effortlessly navigate through previous iterations to keep a close eye on the evolution of your projects.


Relevant communication in the workflow

Zimplicit provides valuable insights into who will be impacted and how they will be affected. Armed with this knowledge, you can effectively relay pertinent information to the individuals involved through the notification center within the solution. For organizations utilizing SAM, affected parties will receive updates in real-time directly within their workflow, ensuring seamless communication and timely responses.. 

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