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Zimplicit is a powerful Business Lifecycle management tool and an easy to use sidebar, depending on what you want to do. Explore our different offerings below.


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Zimplicit Employee image

Zimplicit Employee

79.00 kr

Zimplicit Employee, our most basic license gives you access to:
- View processes and instructions
- Get exercises & complete them
- Report in projects
- Get notifications
- Leave feedback
- View Project Kanban

Zimplicit Creator image

Zimplicit Creator

249.00 kr

Zimplicit Creator lets you maximize the potential of Zimplicit & gives you access to:
- Process Modelling Tool
- Learning Tool
- Project Management tool
- Notification Tool
- System generated Change Impact Assessment

*Requires Zimplicit Employee

Zimplicit Companion image

Zimplicit Companion

249.00 kr

Access your Companion, SAM to boost productivity and stay well-informed, in you workflow. In SAM (chrome extension) you gett access to:
- Processes that are linked to you
- Your activities in these processes
- User Instructions per Activity
- Your Active Exercises
- Your Project Tasks
- Active Support Tickets

*Requires Zimplicit Employee

Zimplicit Enterprise image

Zimplicit Enterprise

Zimplicit will help you as an enterprise to take charge of your Business Lifecycle Management.

We are happy to discuss how Zimplicit can be implemented in your organization. As complexety might vary alot, please book a meeting with us today!

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